6 Design Tips that Improves the Conversion Rate of your Website

Posted On: 13 April, 2020

6 Design Tips
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If your web design is highly tailored to customer experience even then it doesn’t guarantee that it will drive sales for your business. There are some factors in your website that makes it appealing to the customers. If they go missing then you might have a problem generating your business revenue.
So, while auditing a business website we came across the essential design tips that will help to improve the conversion rate of your website.
Let’s find out:

Responsive Website

Around 35% of the traffic to all digital companies comes from smartphones. If your website isn’t optimized to that screen size then people will have a problem viewing your content. This can annoy the visitors and results in switching up your website.

So, that’s why a responsive website is important to convert your prospects into leads. If your website is responsive it will fit all screen sizes amidst the types. So, when you’re creating your website design, test its responsiveness across all screen sizes so you can grab the visitors from everywhere.

Go with a Simple Website

In the past years, there were numerous web design animation and flash designs that were trending on top. But, today clear and simple designs are trending all over and there’s no space for heavy animations on the website.

So, if you want your Dubai web design to be liked by customers then go with a simple design that allows easy navigation to the users.

Also, go with a small yet effective content and don’t bombard your visitors with offerings and discounts. Keep things to the point and simple so users don’t feel overflow with the information.

The heavy and overwhelming design can also affect the loading speed of your website so you should stay mindful of it.

Avoid Stock Photos

Stock photos affect the beauty of your website and make it sound unrealistic. Customers might think before hiring you especially when you’re a web design agency and you use stock brochure designs to showcase your portfolio.
This can hurt your website’s credibility as well. So, instead of stock photos, go with the real photos of your team, office, and location. This will entice your users and make your website trustworthy to follow.

Your customers won’t show confidence in your business if you try to convey professionalism using stock and copied photos.

Don’t Post Social Media Feeds on your website

When social media was new in the digital marketing industry, everybody was so fascinated that they leveraged the feeds onto their site. But now, social media has taken their separate space and is heavily used for brand building.

Some social media strategies also don’t go side to side with the website. So, if you keep social media and websites separate, both will positively benefit your brand.

Make it Easy for the Customers to Contact You

Instead of making the customer round on your website to find your contact information, keep the information details on the front so you can contact you on a click.

You can also take help from a chatbot who can guide your customers about your business. If you have an e-commerce business then the chatbots will also be beneficial for you.

In addition, don’t create lengthy contact forms that input a lot of questions from the people, this might annoy your customers.

Keep the information short and to the point, so customers won’t hassle to fill out the form.

Copywriting Strategies

If you want to nurture leads on your website, you should also focus on copywriting strategies. Gone are the days when you need to write descriptive paragraphs to describe your business. A short, catchy and compelling description plays an important role in persuading customers to follow you.

Focus on the headlines, titles, meta description and key features of your product and bring the best on front.

To Wrap It in Words

Starting from the responsive design to the copywriting strategies, all five steps are important to make your website persuasive and optimized to draw conversions to your website.

Do you have more tips to add to maximize the revenue of your website? Feel free to add in the comments below.