Google AdWords

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Google AdWords is one of the most popular paid digital marketing services. It is an effective means for a business to expand its scope and reach out to more customers. AdWords can be used to reach customers across two main networks- search network and display network. While the search network relates to PPC (pay-per-click) advertising based on the user clicking on relevant keywords, the display network uses banners on websites that are a part of the search engine’s display network. According to an estimate, the Google Display Network reaches close to 90 percent of global internet users.


How Does AdWords Work?

Keyword research is an important step in determining the best keywords to bid on. This is followed by writing the crisp, compelling text for your ad. It requires great skill to convince a user to click on your ad in just a few words. For AdWords to give the desired result, your ad must have a good quality score which has a direct impact on ad ranking. Google determines this score based on a variety of factors like the quality of your title, landing page, and keyword relevance among others.


Who Can Set Up An AdWords Account?

Anyone can set up a Google AdWords account. However, it requires the right marketing expertise to exploit the service for its full potential.


Why Choose shreyanshsoftech?

The team at shreyanshsoftech understands the techniques of using AdWords effectively to ensure maximum return on investment from expenditure on advertising. Our team of writers is experienced in writing the text for various online advertisements and specialize in AdWords.

We undertake the design and placement of banners in addition to the research and designation of the most relevant keywords. We complete the entire process of online advertisement on your behalf: from setting up your AdWord account to bidding at keyword auctions to get the best keywords for your site to finally ensuring the optimum visibility for your ad.